It’s A Day That Ends in Y – Time to Party!

Hello and welcome! This site is all about parties, events and other fun stuff. We’ll be writing about the best kind of party news and some history behind the way people socialize and how they get together. We’ll be detailing some popular events around the world and looking at some ideas of how to throw a great event or be the best host ever.

What Makes A Good Party?

Music, good company and plenty of refreshments! Organisation is also key, along with making sure that the premises are well kept and supplied with the right amount of security. Cleanliness and hygiene is important, and of course the hosts should be polite and accommodating to a variety of needs that would have been thought about or considered beforehand. Visual elements are also important, along with lighting and setting the correct ambience – you want to create an exciting atmosphere but not one that’s too hectic and which tires out people too quickly. A well planned playlist is also important to get people moving and mingling with each other – a mix of genres and sound is vital.

How Can I Be A Good Host?

A good host takes care of the basics, like making sure there is enough food and drink available for everyone and that there is proper seating and surface space. A closet room for people’s belongings is also a nice after touch. Comfort is key, and people need to feel well accommodated and satisfied when they’re spending a good few hours socializing and using up a lot of energy throughout the night.