Signs that you’re At a Great Party or Event

Even though you don’t really know anybody apart from the group you arrived with and a few friends here and there, you’re still having a good time. This means that the people around you are equally buzzed and everyone there wants to make each other feel included. This means that the organisers or planners thought carefully about what kind of people they wanted to attract and welcome and which kind of personalities would mesh and get along with each other. Or sometimes it’s just a happy accident – opposites do attract, after all. A good guest list can make or break a party; nobody enjoys being made to feel like a wallflower.

The playlist is on point and even though you have two left feet you don’t feel self-conscious at all about getting up and joining the dance floor. With the right kind of playlist, everyone can find a way to enjoy themselves and lose themselves to some really banging tunes. There’s a good build-up of slower tunes at the beginning which slowly turns to faster songs and rhythms usually reaching a climax towards the middle of the night, after which it winds down again towards the end. And of course, there’s always something slow and romantic saved for the slow dance.

You don’t notice the time passing. The worst feeling is when you’re stuck somewhere bored out of your mind and are even thinking of making that infamous French exit just so you can get home and slam your front door with a sigh of relief. Great parties make even the most introverted amongst us appreciate being away from the comfort of our own homes and never wanting the evening to end.

Your social media is buzzing! People around you are having a good time and they want to share it with the world. You can’t keep up with your Facebook and Instagram notifications and you’re constantly having to text other friends to let them know where the party location is at so they can come and join in the fun.

At the end of the day, if you’re at a great party, you won’t be thinking about anything but the fun you’re having!